Student loans. This lady would like a cute one who is at least 21 and enjoys gardening
Happy Valentine's Day !
Caution. Blind man driving
After looking at the numbers there is no way we can afford a cat
Watch your cat
Are you sure you don't know who got into the garbage ? I kind of think it was you ...
MP: "Mr. Churchill, must you fall asleep while I'm speaking?" Churchill: "No, it's purely voluntary"
Can't I just be a puppy for Halloween ?
Yes, I know, my hair is all over the couch... It's called FURniture, isn't it ?
Cat says she was pushed. Or was she ?
My neighbor on Halloween. Don't visit him, kids.
Meanwhile at the vet
Never saw that coming. Be careful next time
Watch out for the idiot behind me. Haha ... oh
Husband dreaming pillow. This guy deserves a medal.
Park under the billboard at your own risk
My brother was trying with the wetsuit yesterday
I was going to say that
I bet you don't want to be her next ex
Always look for her comfort
I love him and pet him and squeeze him and call him George
I read the sign. Had to comply.
Santa was real. Until he forgot my present - Chuck Norris
Told my cat to not sit on the keyboard
Hey dad, remember when I killed that butterfly, and you said "No butter for a week" ? Mom just killed a cockroach ...
Oh baby, I'll listen to you. I'll listen to you all night.
These people love me, feed me and shelter me. They must be God.
Made Mr. Frosty happy
No matter how old or big you get. Your mom can still kick you in the butt if she had to
How I felt in high school. How I feel in college
Hey. Hey. Hey !
Cool shadows
My cat found a new friend