Dogs and cats
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When I was a kid you didn't to say: Don't try this at home
I'd really appreciate if you wore pants more often
Growing up sucks.
Oh, hello handsome
How I think I look when I'm jogging
They know what they are waiting for
Despite his parents' reassurances, Bill couldn't shake the nagging suspicion he might be adopted
This dog is just fine. He actually likes to have a place where he can sit on the couch.
I dare you. Pull the cord ... to begin apocalypse
Watching TV with my girlfriend. Her dog watching us.
I don't think you understand the gravity of this situation
This dog thinks he's got it all. - I have a minigun. - We have a vacuum cleaner.
Run ! Save yourself ! I can't hold him back much longer ...
Heart attack in 3 .. 2 .. 1
This is how to walk your cats
This is piranha, kitty. It can eat you back. Oh, it can.
Last year I visited Alaska. As I was driving I had a flat tire
Are you sure you don't know who got into the garbage ? I kind of think it was you ...
Camouflage. He is doing it wrong.