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- What can you see, Frodo? Can you see anything? - Nothing ... There's nothing. Wait ... This ring is made in China !
New Year's resolution: buy a bigger basket
Hard to guess
Don't rob this guy. His name is Rob, but please don't actually rob him.
Backache relieve. Why is this on the bottom self?
It makes sense now. Gandalf uses conditioner.
Caution. Blind man driving
How the world sees Jamaica
How do you breath through your little thing?
How to tell if there is any danger at the airport.
Bed and breakfast. We all love it.
Know-knock joke inventor won the no bell prize
- I have the body of an 18 years old. - Oh? -Yes, I keep it in the basement.
Yes. She is looking down on you.
This bench has been assembled in memory of Leonard Ball, who hated fat people.
Canada sign: extreme fire hazard. Don't even fart in the forest.
Good moms let you lick the beaters ... Great moms turn them off first.
Old McDonald had a farm. Had.
Be brave and run like hell
I've seen your boyfriend in the shower